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Crystal Pool (Latvia)
CompanyCrystal Pool (Latvia) Company TypeCrewing
Country Latvia CityРига
AddressKronvalda bulvd. 10-34 ZIP codeN/A
Telephone00371 67 277772 MobileN/A
Emailcrew@spectrum-marine.net WWW
Skype License IDЕсть
Additional Information
The Company offers an extensive range of services with an emphasis on Marine Superintendancy/ Technical advise, Consultancy and Crew Manning.

For decades we have been engaged in marine chemical shipping industry, by working ashore and at sea, being a part of highly skilled, internationally recognized professional teams. We possess strong knowledge and an expertise of the overall industry trends.

Our team of highly competent Marine Advisors and Crew Consultants offers a wide range of quality and cost effective services. Understanding the specific needs of the Customer we are committed to be the first to respond, offering the most suitable solutions duly and efficiently.