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CompanyAkkerman Crew Agency Company TypeCrewing
Country Ukraine CityBelgorod Dnestrovsky
AddressMayakovskogo str. 15, off 5 ZIP code67700
Telephone+380484960520 Mobile+380501624488
Emailakkerman20061@rambler.ru WWW
Skype License IDAB 585187
Additional Information

Crew Agency " Akkerman " .
We have the Government Licence AB 585187 from 03.07.2012, Issued by the Ministry of Work of Ukraine, ISO 9002 Certificate. 
We are located in Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy town (near port of Odessa), Ukraine
The company is situated in the city’s business centre.
In sphere of the sea business work thirteen years.
We are head Office and deal mainly as Crew & Technical Manager and S&P
Brokers. In our staff there are Masters Mariner, Ch Engineers, Marine Surveyors and Brokers.

Our main goal is to provide high quality service and recruiting of staff for ship-owners and ship managers. We provide complete set of services in sailor staff training, we implement new level of cooperation between ship-owner companies and sailor staff.

Our activity covers complete set of modern crewing services for ship-owners in accordance with employer requirements and ship classification. We provide flexible and competitive crewing services, which allows us to follow high levels of quality together with latest evolution tends of ship maintenance systems.

We have an ability to provide cadets who study in National Marine Academy of Odessa, Nautical College of technical fleet of Odessa, Marine College of fishing industry of Odessa, Marine College f Marinesko, etc. Taking into account ship-owner requirements, company superintendent selects officers and enlisted personnel of every ship with the following regulations being applied: Internal Quality Standards (IQS), IMO and STCW requirements, requirements of international organization of standards and ship crewing and its system registry.