Профиль Компании

CompanyTop Crew LLC Company TypeCrewing
Country Russia CityKerch
Address87 Kirova Street ZIP code298300
Telephone+74993501565 Mobile+79787772540
Emailcrewing@topcrew.ru WWWtopcrew.ru
Skype License ID20115821299
Additional Information

Top Crew LLC is a licensed agency established in 2014 and focused on outstanding service for seafarers.

It includes but not limited to training and recruitment, certification and visa support, insurance and travel arrangements.

We serve in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ILO, STCW and MLC2006.

Our target is to create a strong partnership with shipowners and their managers and you are very welcome for cooperation.

We are focused on Crimean problems solely, giving right way out of any kind of situations always.