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CompanyMarine house Company TypeCrewing
Country Ukraine CityOdessa
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D E A R S I R S !


We are international consulting company LAWYER 2000 specializing in maritime law for over 16 years.

We are prepared to offer you quality legal services focused on the protection of your rights and interests in the maritime industry.

We offer a partnership for the implementation of the Advocacy and Legal services provided by our international consulting company "Lawyer - 2000"

We provide a wide range of legal services in the marine industry:

- The release of vessels from arrest.

- Non-payment of wages to seafarers

- Legal and consulting support of foreign operations enterprises.

- Law criminal defense and malfeasance in the field of international

maritime law.

- Representation in the economic and administrative disputes, with the

sailors, crew agency, shipowners.

-Other Complex legal and business challenges that require increased

privacy, good theoretical and practical skills in the field of international

maritime law.


If you do not see your situation in the proposed list - you will be offered the

assistance of another expert you can trust.


The international consulting company LAWYER 2 0 0 0


ADDRESS: 65072, Odessa, st. Gaidar, d. 16, kv. 112

Phone / Fax: (048) 748-88-38.

Website: http://www.lawyer-2000.com/, e-mail: a7488838@mail.ru