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CompanyMaster LTD Company TypeCrewing
Country Ukraine CityOdessa
Address13, Lanzheronovskay Str., Off 3 ZIP code65029
Telephone+380482371527 Mobile+380482371527
Emailoffice@master-crewing.com WWWmaster-crewing.com
Skype License IDAB 585244
Additional Information
Master Ltd was founded in 2001, certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the Quality Management System Standards  ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Management System is applicable to: Provision of manning services for the maritime industry, in accordance with the requirements of the International Labour Organization`s Maritime Labour Convention, 2006  (MLC 2006), as applicable to the seafarer, ships catering staff recruitment and placement services (SRPS).
We work in close partnership with our clients to provide skilled, experienced and certified crew members, and to bring the most exciting marine opportunities worldwide to our candidates.